What is SmartProject?

Krisztián Házi

Krisztián Házi

Oct 16 2020

In a few words, it is a project-focused ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. In reality, it is much more than that. With SmartProject we are not only talking about the organization of tasks for a specific project or the conduction of a more complicated one, but rather the management of every process that serves the company’s operation.

Such a process can be budgeting or importing the budget from an external file, managing purchases and contracts, issuing delivery notes, receipts or certificates of performance, recording documents, processing financial documents and associating them with each cost center.

This way you can send data to accounting, import a Microsoft Project file, export lists and statements to Excel or create custom reports using Power BI.

SmartProject on a laptopscreen

To widen usage and optimize user experience, many other features are available for projects such as scheduling and team-scheduling. 

Admission Education Module: An admission system that performs its functions integrated with the corporate training, for now mainly in the fields of EHS: Environment, Health and Security.

Task Management Module: The focus is on teamwork. It is used to schedule, escalate, and distribute tasks created in both vertical and horizontal team distributions.

Document management: With the help of the dynamic workflow we can manage individual documents in the system. You can create different manufacturing processes by importing them from the Tekla design system, and then schedule and automate them according to the order of operations.

Calculator and pen

Measurement of administration: We continuously measure the time spent on administrative processes, so that later they become comparable to processes performed in other ways. This way it becomes clear, in which areas it is necessary to use our product and also where it is not. After all, our goal is not to increase administration, but to optimize processes.

With these features and also many other solutions, our goal is to help promote a more efficient workplace for all our users.

What sets SmartProject apart?

Flexibility. Although during the development of the system, we paid special attention to the needs of the construction industry, due to our flexibility, other industries can use our product to the same extent and observe an increase in productivity using SmartProject.

After only a few months, it will become clear in which areas our software can visibly speed up your work, and after trying SmartProject, you won’t be able to imagine that once you could work without it.