Smart Project is an ERP system for the construction industry

What is the essence of project management?

To complete all contractual obligations before the given deadline without compromising the quality or the cost constrains.

The ability to set realistic deadlines is quintessential for efficient project management. SmartProject will help you with just that. Using SmartProject you will always see all personal and material contrains for a task. Furthermore, our tool provides you with a historical overview of past task, thus making the deliberation on what deadline to set even easier.

After determining the durations for the tasks we list all the task in a shedule.The shedule can be as well used for tracking the completeness of the entire project.


Just as important to get things done in time is to get them done in budget.

SmartProject allows you to see the profitability of your enterprise as well as the singular projects.

The budget module will aslo aid you in the price creation process by clearly listing all the costs of the projects.


The abundance of money does not guarantee the success of projects. Accessibility of resources can be just as critical as the lack of funds.

SmartProject will help you to manage your resources, be it human or material. It will help you to plan for holidays, repairs and material acquisitions. You can be sure that the tasks of your project are schduled in such a way that all the resources are present and accessible, when they are needed.

Electronic signature and document digitization

Administration of any project will generate plenty of documents.

Even the absence of printing, scanning and storage of piles of papers is a huge cost saving. In addition to this you will be able to access you documents fron any device, devicethanks to the 'Cloud' based technology. Not to mention that going digital is right for the environment as well.

We are also proud to present the unique 'e-sign' feature, which will allow you to request signatures on contracts and other documents from your partners electronically, without the need to ever have them printed.

Zoltán Csordás

COLT Hungária Kft., CEO

The SmartProject project management system is user friendly, costumisable and efficently supports our corporate processes.

We get the all the information in real-time. Thans to it our processes are well coordinated and we have achieved a 50% reduction of the administrative burden.

Patrik Palai

Lakógép Kft., CEO

After the introduction of SmartProject to our company, not only did our efficiency grow, but also our management processes gained a great deal of transparency. Our cooperation with SmartProject during the custom development phase showed us the team's great flexibility, and at the same time their technical support is at a very high level as well.

Even after the conclusion of the custom development phase we can count on their continued presence, customer-centered approach as well as professional technical support. It is almost invaluable for us, that we can see our projects neatly organised, that our processes became automated and everything found its place within our organization.

All in all I dare to say that the SmartProject provides exceptional value for money!

Laura Szadainé Kókai 

Borsodi Sörgyár Kft. | EHS manager

Our onboarding tasks has gotten simplified and our colleagues can complete their training remotely as well since we have installed SmartProject to our company.

The approximately 2000 users can learn and get tested without any issues. Our custom requirements we duly handled by the development team and their continued support is characterized by timeliness.

The software is being continuously upgraded with various features and improvements in the EHS area. It is a great advantage to be able to rely on such a reliable team!

Try it in 3 easy steps:

  1. Fill out the forms
  2. Confirm the data in the confirmation email
  3. You can access your trial environment using the link we sent you


Billing period



  • 1 user / month
  • Projects: 100/ year
  • 3 Gb/ usr
  • 3 storage
  • 3 notifier
  • email support



  • 1 user / month
  • Projects: unlimited
  • 5 Gb/ usr
  • unlimited storage
  • 3 notifier
  • CET 9-16 Chat and e-mail



  • 1 user / month
  • Projects: unlimited
  • 10 Gb/ usr
  • unlimited storage
  • unlimited notifier
  • CET 6-22 Chat and e-mail


Contact for price

  • Projects: unlimited
  • 4x számítási kapacitás
  • unlimited storage
  • unlimited notifier
  • CET 6-22 Chat and e-mail
Standard Professional Enterprise
Number of projects 50 100 unlimited unlimited
Simple task management
Unlimited free guest accounts
Workflow definition
Historical data timeline
Automation rules 15 150 unlimited unlimited
Forms for tasks
GANT chart
Group / workplace sheduler
Custom metadata
Storage 2 Gb / user 3 Gb / user 5 Gb / user 10 Gb / user
Warehouse and storage management 1 warehouses 3 warehouses Unlimited warehouses Unlimited warehouses
Project management
Onboarding for employees
Production management
Work hours tracking
iOS and Android apps
Easy Task
Purchase Orders
Two factor authorisation
Device controll
Connection to external systems
Real time currency conversion data
Google sync
Bank connection
Online access to enterpreneruial data
Microsoft Power BI
Self-help manual
Webinar or in person training
Dedicaed account manager
Communication e-mail e-mail CET 9-16 Chat and e-mail CET 6-22 Chat and e-mail
Special support for IT administrators Your IT administrators can use higher tier packages.
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